Why staying for longer time benefits you more

“I want to progress quickly in my salary” and “I want to get different experiences at a fast pace” are arguments that I get when asked colleagues about why they would switch jobs within just a year. But is switching employers that often actually beneficial for your career?

Benefits of job-hopping

Within my…

Why seniority is not only about technical excellence

When I got to a medior software engineer role, eager as I was, I started looking into the steps needed to grow towards a senior software engineer. Around me, several engineers got already into a senior position or got promoted to this next step.

When comparing myself with them, in…

Why authentication deserves a centralized place in your architecture

When moving to microservices, you will come to the conclusion that securing the microservices needs to be tackled in a different way compared to a monolithic application.

While designing the solution, questions like “Where and how do I implement authentication and authorization?” and “How do I authorize users to specific…

Making technologies like sessions and CSRF/authentication cookies fully horizontal scalable with Redis

In the tech world new technologies come and go. With technologies like Docker Engine and Kubernetes, scaling out of applications became easier than ever. This unfortunately doesn’t mean that applications are horizontal scalable out of the box. In this article the problems will be explained and solved with the .NET…

Mattias te Wierik

Software Engineer and Tech enthousiast

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